Capstone Classics

Last year I was approached by Capstone, an imprint of John Wiley & Sons.

They wanted to publish a new series of older self-development classics, and have me write Introductions that would put each work in context. 

I jumped at the idea, as it would bring a more scholarly approach to this field, while paying homage to the books that started it all.

The first was to be Napoleon Hill's Think and Grow Rich, but not just any old version. We would re-publish the original 1937 text, without the 'updating' that you find in some editions now.

And it would not be a cheap edition, but a deluxe hardback that could take a lot of wear and tear - for many people, Hill's book has become like a Bible with constant use and referral. The publishers also worked out they could make it inexpensive, another bonus.

Click here to find out more about Think and Grow Rich, including an excerpt from the Introduction.

Further Capstone Classics

Two more titles were released in the UK, Australia and the Far East in April 2010:

...And two are out in July 2010 in the UK and other places, and in September in North America:

If you haven't already, have a look at this short video on the whole series.


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