“Butler-Bowdon writes with infectious enthusiasm. He is a true scholar of this type of literature.”

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50 Politics Classics

50 Classics Poster 2013

NOW RELEASED! 50 POLITICS CLASSICS assays the great titles in political philosophy, political economy and leadership. Spannning 2,500 years, Left and Right, historical and contemporary, 50 POLITICS CLASSICS provides insightful commentaries on the books that have changed minds and changed the world, from Aristotle to Marx, Machiavelli to Mandela.

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Since launching in 2001, this site has had over 2 million visitors, and currently averages 45,000 page views per month.

Hope you have time to browse the 70-plus free commentaries drawn from my books 50 Self-Help Classics, 50 Success Classics, 50 Spiritual Classics, 50 Psychology Classics and 50 Prosperity Classics.

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