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50 Classics Series

"Thank you for writing this excellent series of books. I started with 50 Success classics and I'm hooked. Despite having read many of the books, it was good refreshing my head with their strongest points. When I go back through my annotated books, I find I highlighted many of the same points you do in your book. 

I look forward to completing more of your books!"

Sean Sheikh, Los Angeles

"I sometimes shudder when I think and wonder where I would be as a person and as a businessman, if I had not found and read certain books in my life. That is why I believe that the books and work of Tom Butler-Bowdon are so relevant and valuable to anyone that wishes to progress in life... For those that seek knowledge there has never been a better time to be alive and all of Tom’s 50 classics titles point the way to many of the best books ever written. There is no better place to start your search for knowledge of Self-Help, Personal Development, Spirituality, Psychology Prosperity, and Philosophy than Tom Butler-Bowdon’s 50 classic series.”

Tony Brassington, Mind and Achievement Ltd. UK

"Thank you for all that your doing to the betterment of people and to have a better quality of life. Cosmic intelligence and the unseen order I am sure will reward you accordingly."

Marios G. Tannousis, Nicosia, Cyprus

"I have to say that I am very impressed and excited about my purchases of 50 success classics, 50 prosperity classics, 50 self help classics and 50 psychology classics. Excellent audio cds. Words can not completely express how INSPIRED I am and continue to be."

David Kennerly, Chula Vista, California

"I feel delighted in telling you that It's great work you have done through your writings for the generations to come...by Synthesizing and giving the essence of the literarure of succes, spirituality, psychology, self-help and more classics.

It's a great read as you can't read all of the books mentioned in your work...due to unavailability on most of them on book store in India.

I am blessed to be the reader of your books and a humble fan of yours.."

Deepak Pal, India

"Your works are brilliant (I enjoyed your 50 Success Classics book). As a life coach, psychology graduate, and lifelong student of human development/potential and esoteric offerings, your works give us the 'nuggets' in a succinct, interesting, and enriching manner."

Jane Fenton-Blackbourn, Auckland, New Zealand

"I have recently purchased your 50 Prosperity Classics book...I have greatly enjoyed your writing and 2 previously purchased books in the same range: Spiritual Classics and Self-Help Classics have helped tremendously. They all show a great deal of wisdom on your part as well as those of the books selected to review. Thank you for your inspiration."

Sammy, Bournemouth, UK

"Thank you very much for your work in 50s series

They are the most useful books I´ve ever had

I´m very happy with them they are the perfect guide to knowledge

I´m waiting for the translation to Spanish the  last one which it isn´t yet

As you can see I don´t speak English enough to read them in your language

The best for you and yours!"

Francesc Sánchez, Spain

"I'd like to acknowledge you for the long-overdue contribution your books have made to the fields of self-help, psychology, and spirituality.  Whatever your background and motivation for these works, they are truly inspired. I wonder at how much time, money, and angst might have been saved over the course of my own life's journey had I discovered such a body of work years ago!  (I am not suggesting that the full texts need not be read but that finding the kernels of wisdom and connections between them make an otherwise overwhelming endeavor more accessible.)"

Suzi Duroux, USA

"I love your series. Thank you for your time and efforts.  I am now reading the fifth book, Self Help.  It has been  quite an education or at least a primer to one.  I am looking forward to reading my favorite authors in their entirety." 
Carole Amarosso, Phoenix, Arizona

"I have to say that your 50 Classics series are great. Their succinct and balanced analyses of so many key books makes them vital reading. They really have expanded my mind. So far I've read Prosperity, Success and Self-Help and I'm planning to read Spiritual Classics next."

Tom Goddard, London

"I have just finished listening to the 50 Prosperity Classics audio book. I am thrilled at how effectively you have put together the key principles discussed in the 50 books. I have now purchased all your other 50 Classics audio books and cannot wait to start listening to those too.

I wholeheartedly support you in your mission to make success a proper field of study and I am sure you will succeed / are succeeding.

Best of luck to you and thank you for your great work!"

Nick Landon, London

"Your books greatly inspire me! I have recently read # 5, ‘50 Prosperity Classics,’ and loved it. I now carry a copy of your Prosperity Principles in my bag as a handy source of instant inspiration. I am eagerly anticipating the next book in your brilliant series."

Marc White! “The Inspirer,” Sydney

"I am Ali from Pakistan , I've read your three book 50 series, I have no doubt to say that these are the three of best books I've ever read, especially 50 Spiritual classics... I recommended many of my friends your 50 classics series ...your books must have a prominent place in every one's bookshelves."

Ali Arslan Chaudry, Pakistan

"I have all your 50 Classics books and they have opened up a huge range of new books that i have collected and read. But i enjoy most of all reading all 5 books throughout the year to inspire me to learn more from the classics themselves.

Your next book logically would be 50 Philosophy Classics!"

Mark Andrews, New Zealand


“Thanks for providing such a terrific resource!”

Todd Wright, USA

"Thank you so much for your dedicated work and the wealth of information that you have on your web site. Your work is greatly appreciated. Your work and your site has made a positive impact in the lives of so many."

Loretta Swenson

50 Self-Help Classics

"I can't say I enjoyed your book. I loved it. (50 Self-Help). It gave me access to so much knowledge. It would have taken me years to discover it myself."

Marcos Cantoni, San Diego

"I just wanted to say a heartfelt thank you for a wonderful tour-de-force. I actually bought 50 Self-Help Classics by accident and what a find! Truly masterful in its knowledge and simple engaging narrative. I just wanted to wish you good luck, great health, great wealth and prosperity in your life and, above all, to thank you for making a difference to mine."

Elaine Sihera, Executive Director, Diversity Leaders UK

"I was unaware that there was that much choice available in the self help field until I read your book. For the longest time I had thought that Tony Robbins was the end all and be all of self help. I am very excited to be embarking on a shortlist of books that may be helpful to me. All of which are featured in your book. You are absolutely right when you write, "A self help book can be your best friend and champion, expressing a faith in your essential greatness and beauty that is sometimes hard to get from a another person," in your Introduction. These books 'believe in me' just like a friend would. Thank you for your book."

John Gatsis, Toronto

"I have a 45 minute journey to and from work every day, a bit of time to do something useful, rather than listening to the radio. I've listened to a few audio books, the Secret, Dale Carnegy's work etc. I came across your 50 self help classics on Amazon and I just wanted to say I think it is outstanding the way you express the key points relative to the listener, absolutely spot on. You have a very clever way of expressing empathy in your commentary. 

I just wanted to say 'thanks' and keep up the good work. I will definitely be purchasing your other works."

Garry Bryant, UK

"I have just finished reading your 50 Self-Help Classics book and I have to say it's the most honest review book I have ever read (actually the only one I know of as well!) I had been looking for a book like this and was very delighted to find yours. I also ordered the 50 Success Classics right away. I found your reviews to be very insightful. Your style of telling everything between the lines is simply great."

S.O., London


50 Success Classics

"I just wanted to email you and tell you that i love your work. I was given the 50 success classic audio MP3s as a gift by an old friend about 6 months ago, but started listening to them about a month ago only.

I love the style of narration, and the way you summarise each book and therefore was intrigued to learn about the audio author.

Thank you for these great works. (That's all i wanted to say)"

Khuram Malik

"I recently finished reading your book "50 Success Classics" and I must say that it was one of the best books I have ever read!  I am a voracious reader that consumes about 35-40 books a year so it takes a well written piece of literary art to reach the top of the pile.  I just started reading your " 50 prosperity classics" and I cant put it down.  I have decided to purchase all of your books to add to my library - I am sure each of them will be a gem in its own right. 

"I am a 28 year old fitness entrepreneur...After reading "50 Success classics" I felt a fire light up within me and it inspired me to progress further with my goals.  I cant thank you enough for the immense talent and knowledge you have created with your book series."

AJ Mihrzad

I am a mother of two young children, life coaching student and lawyer. I was supplied with a copy of your 50 Success Classics book and thought it was really brilliant and wanted to thank you. I felt really inspired and educated by your book. I am one of those people that has a voracious appetite for the sort of information that is contained in success and self help books but minimal spare time for reading. I intend to purchase the other 2 books and just cannot wait to get my hands (and eyes) on them. Congratulations on a fantastic effort.

Vicki McConnell, Queensland, Australia

50 Spiritual Classics

"I am in the middle of your 50 Spirituality Classics at the moment and I felt the need to let you know how much I admire two things about your work.

Firstly your clear and succinct writing style. It makes for very easy reading and gives me great clarity as to the message.

Secondly, the ability to condense such a broad range of very differently written texts into such a useful and though provoking handbook.

I wish you all the best with your next endeavours and thank you for putting together such an easy to use, readable book."

Hilary Anderson, People Development Specialist, MaST Ireland, Belfast

"Reading 50 Spiritual Classics is an enlightening and often humbling experience. Whether it be 'The Discourses' of Epictetus (Enchiridion), or Pirsig's 'Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenence', the author displays a masterful ease which is commendable. Halfway through a chapter, one is often seized upon by an unstoppable urge to tear out, get hold of the title being commented upon by the author and read every page of it. And then one decides to exert self-control and continue with Bowdon's own book as it is just too difficult to put down."

Arun Dev Vellore, Birmingham, UK

"I chanced to see your book at the local store in Mumbai and trust me I have been raving about it since then - primarily because its a world in one book, and not just that it also provides several lives and lifetimes in one fabulous volume. I am keen to read more in detail about the books you recommended. Trust me on this, I shall be certainly spreading the goodness of your book by word of mouth here in Mumbai as much as possible, simply for the fact that it has improved me quite a lot".

Riddhi Kamble, Mumbai, India

50 Psychology Classics

"Your 50 Psychology Classics literally changed my life! Without it, I wouldn't have read (among others) Karen Horney's book, which brought me from stifling darkness to total insight about my ex-husband's neurosis and my own imprisonment... You and Karen Horney freed me.

I have also gone from an "aspiring reader" to (more of) a real reader because of you. More importantly, from an aspiring learner, to one who is making leaps in her journey of personal growth. All of the concepts you synthesized entirely resonate with me, as they should with every rational human being (or every non-rational for that matter). I am working to soak them in much more, or live them out much more, however we see it...

I have your entire 50 Classics series in audio format, and while I know it holds a well of wisdom that never runs out, I still yearn for more.

With heartfelt appreciation... May you be blessed!"

Alissa, San Diego

"Your research is priceless! What a brilliant source all in one spot! Could have come in handy at University!in the universe! Many thanks Mr. Butler-Bowdon!! Simply brilliant! What a tremendous contribution you have made."

Paula C. Powers, Netherlands

50 Prosperity Classics

"I have been reading “50 Prosperity Classics” – it is an extraordinary book.  Your commentaries are so good, it feels like you have read 50 books in one sitting."

Claire Carpenter, Sussex, UK

"Your book and the audio is life changing. It's my companion in the car. Thanks"

Patrick Falusi, Lagos, Nigeria

"I read your book with great interest... have underlined a lot of meaningful phrases and will certainly re-read them. This is really a concise write up of 50 famous people and their wisdom on wealth.

After reading your book, I also narrowed down a few books which I wished to next read up... these are Harv Eker, William Nickerson, Dave  Ramsey and Thomas J. Stanley.

Look forward to seeing more books by you too.

Best of Luck!"

Janice Lim, Singapore

"I purchased 50 Prosperty Classics yesterday and I can't put it down. This is my second book from you. Thank you so much for this wonerful book.  I am writing for the free book commentary.  Again thank you for this great book.  Please keep writing." 

Marilyn Gates

"I am greatly enjoying your 50 Prosperity Classics book on CD.  It has helped keep me motivated and positive while I am searching for a new job due to a layoff in March.  Best wishes for your future success."

Wendy Plant, USA

"I just finished reading your book, 50 Prosperity Classics and found it very inspirational."

Charles Patrick



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